Flexible, Reliable Software
Using Patterns and Agile Development

Avoid all the hazzles of installating development tools: download a VMWare snapshot with a ready-to-go Ubuntu installation. Includes all source code of the book as well as Java, JUnit, Apache Ant, and Subversion.

Just follow the recipe below:

  1. Download VMWare Player - you will find it in the Support & Downloads menu from www.vmware.com, it is a menu item in the product downloads category. There are players for both Linux and Windows operating systems.
  2. Download a zip containing the Ubuntu snapshot.
  3. Unzip the file in some suitable folder.
  4. Ask the VMWare Player to execute the snapshot "UbuntuFRS.vmx".
  5. The snapshot should start Ubuntu in the login screen. You may have to tell VMWare Player that the snapshot is copied and may get warnings that your hardware differs from mine but it should be able to cope. You will have to log into Ubuntu using user name "frs" and password "frs". The book's source code is located in folder 'frs' in user frs' home folder.
(Note: If you need a 32-bit VM, please contact me!)

Some hints

As I am living in Denmark and use a Danish keyboard, the Ubuntu snapshot is configured for a Danish keyboard.

You can easily change that by the System Settings -> Type Entry and then click the '+' sign to add your keyboard layout.

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